Optical Fiber

We deliver internet over Optical Fiber wherever higher bandwidth needs to be delivered. Optical fibers are widely used in fiber-optic communications, which permits transmission over longer distances & at higher bandwidths than other forms of communication. It is a flexible & transparent fiber made of galss or plastic pipe to transmit light between the two ends of the fiber

Ethernet (Category 5/6)

Category 5/6 is a shielded copper cable which is traditionally being used across networks. Most of Excell's internet is delivered in this cable from the customer's nearest Optical Fiber node. Usually the optical fiber nodes are no more than 100 meters away from the customer


WiFi has become an emerging mode in delivering data services in recent years. However, certain challenges like interference doesn't really allow to carry higher bandwidths to longer distances. Excell chose to use this method in the country side markets. Excell made large deployments in certain country side markets wherever it has been economical for quicker delivery.